Trusting Your Inner Guide, Finding Peace Within

Many believe that we all have the “Sixth Sense” capability. “Second Sight” as some call it, does tend to come more naturally to some than others. We often don’t want to recognize the messages and feelings that we have as our “Sixth Sense”. Perhaps it is a case of trusting the messages you receive, trusting your Inner Guide. Your Inner Guide is a part of that “Sixth Sense”. It is your intuition. We all want to find peace in our lives. Part of that finding of peace with in ourselves comes from trusting our Inner Guide, and the higher power that you believe in to lead you down the right path.

Often our Ego fights that Inner Guide. The Heart, Soul and intuition lead you in one direction, and your Ego leads you in another. Your Ego tells you that you’re not good enough. “I am not worthy of this relationship”, “ I am not worthy of this job”, “I will fail”, “I am unlovable”, “I don’t know how to love”. Those are all messages that your ego sends. Those are not the messages to heed. Your ego would have you fail, misery loves company.

I come from the frame of mind that there is nothing that I can’t do. I try to instill that also, in my daughter, though I do realize that is a conclusion that many of us must come to on our own. It is not always easy to keep the faith, when you set yourself on the course to achieving all you set out to do. It takes dedication, strength and will power. Look at any successful person and see that they are driven by that force that tells them that they can do what ever they set up out do. There is no mountain too high to climb. I am the little engine that could.

It can be easy sometimes, to follow the Ego down the Wrong Road. For me personally, it has taken years to get to that place where I recognized which messages came from the right Inner Voice – my intuition. Though I still find myself being lead astray now and then, I do find that I come to that realization sooner than later. Then, off on the right course I go. Of course, there are times that we all realize what we are trying to achieve may not be worthwhile after all. That is not to say, we have followed the wrong path or voice, we are entitled to change our minds and our paths, and recognize when the reasoning for that change is correct.

One thing I have come to realize is that the first message you receive is usually the right message to heed. If first message you receive is positive, follow it. But, trust also if that first message you receive is negative, that you need to back off, stay away. When you hear that something is not good for you, pay attention. How many of us have chased after the wrong man or woman, though we knew inside that they were not right for us. Your Inner Guide is there, not only to lead down the right paths, but also to warn you off the wrong paths and the pitfalls they may be hiding.

Nothing comes easy, peace of mind, especially. But, the longer you strive for it, the more common place it becomes. Being at peace, being happy – Is Your Choice. You may choose to be miserable, or you may choose to be happy. It is amazing the transformation that comes when you choose Happy. Think about it, what is the better way to be. No one really wants to be unhappy. If you do, you should seek professional help. Happiness is your right. Misery is place no one wants to dwell in.

Many years ago, I went through a really rough time. It seemed that after a period of many struggles and many adversities, I was brought to my knees. Actually, below my knees. I was on the floor, and I could not get up. My Doctor told me that I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My first reaction was that it something that Vietnam Veterans suffer from, not me. But the reality was, I had finally reached my wall, I could not handle any more. Your body and mind can only take so much, before they need to stop and place a protective wall around you.

My Inner Guide told me that I needed to stop. Change my life, do what I wanted to do, follow my own path, live my destiny. I was at a crossroads, I needed to make changes in my life and follow my heart. My career was at a dead end, I was tired of doing what I had done for twenty years. I had dreams and goals I was not following. It was not an easy choice to make having the responsibilities of being a single parent. But, I heeded that message.

I began to walk, slowly, but determined down a road of major uncertainty. Somehow, I knew with a sense of amazing clarity, that it was the right road for me. Mind you, it has not been a smooth and straight road. There have been many bumps along the way and curves thrown in where I least expected them. I felt many times like backing up, taking the first exit – but, I persevered. Now, I see where that perseverance is paying off. My dreams are coming true, my hard work is paying off.

One of the first things I did when I started down that road, was admit defeat. I gave myself permission to admit that I could take no more. That in itself it not an easy thing to do. No one ever wants to admit when they are down. Then, instead of wallowing in my misery, I followed the direction of Marianne Williamson and A Course In Miracles. I had been going through an emotional and spiritual transformation for sometime. When I was first introduced to Marianne Williamson, I remember thinking, this will not help me. But, it did. So, now the time had come to put it to another test. Marianne Williamson says in her first book, A Return to Love, “Heaven is our choice.” “God wants us to be happy.” “The key to happiness is the decision to be happy.”

I made the decision to be happy. I chose to place myself in the space of feeling good. I practiced positive affirmations. When friends and strangers asked me how I was, I replied, “I am awesome, thank you.” The reaction to those first three words – I am awesome, was quite interesting. On both the level of my own reaction and that of others. The more I said it, “I am awesome”, the more I was – awesome; happy, at peace. Others thought “Wow, what a great way to be.”

We should all be awesome, and we can. Awesome is a state of mind, happiness is a choice. Our minds are very powerful. Our minds are responsible for all of our actions and all of our feelings. We can change those actions and feelings from negative to positive by optioning that choice. The next time someone asks you how you are, tell them, “I am awesome.” Watch their reaction and your own transformation.

It was my Inner Guide that lead me in that direction. My ego fought desperately, but at this point, I feel my Inner Guide has won the battle. Every time I had a negative thought I pushed it out of my head. It is not easy, mind you, it takes allot of work. Good things are worth the effort of hard work. Neale Donald Walsch says in Conversations With God, “Never allow yourself the luxury of a negative thought.” Remember, that every negative thought you have, leads you in the wrong direction. Fight those negative thoughts with every ounce of power that you have.

Learn to recognize the right messages. They usually come to us in the form of positive thoughts. A positive thought will usually not lead you astray. Most of all, remember to make the choice to be happy. The transformation within will be amazing. You are awesome. Trust your Inner Guide, Peace will come.

Finally, if you are learning to develop your “Sixth Sense”, remember that trusting your Inner Guide is the first step.

For a fascinating read on the “sixth sense” or “second sight” I recommend Judith Orloff’s Second Sight.

* This article was originally published in The Crystal Oasis Ezine, October 1998 and it has been updated. Not to be reprinted with out permission of the author, Pamela J. Leavey.

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