With Salt Scrubs, Natural Is Better

Natural Aromatherapy Salt Scrubs

Via Salaria Salt Scrubs

With Salt Scrubs, natural is always better. The more chemicals you add to your skin, the less benefit you receive from the product.

While there are many products that need preservatives to prolong their shelf life, at Of The Goddess Ltd., we believe in using a few chemicals are possible and at least 70% of our products are 100% natural.

Our Aromatherapy, Via Salaria Salt Scrubs are 100% Natural, made with Safflower Oil, Mediteranean & Pacific Ocean Sea Salts and scented with pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils.

Our Via Salaria Spa line is a Roman/Latin inspired line that utilizes the Latin name for the ancient road used to carry salt to Rome – Via Salaria, which means The Salt Way.

Via Salaria Salt Scrubs are 100% Natural Salt Scrubs. Other companies use lower grade carrier oils (vegetable oils), such as Castor and Soy, and preservatives. This line inspired by the Romans uses the ancient Alchemical Symbol for Salt in it’s logo.

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