Our Mission

Making The World A Better Place – Of The Goddess Ltd. offers natural Products that are designed for healing, relaxation and intent. It is our belief that when we feel self-love and self-confidence, the emotional and spiritual channels that allow well being and abundance to flow into our body and soul, naturally open. Aromatherapy is a proven means of relaxing the body, stimulating the senses, opening the emotional and spiritual connections to manifesting our needs and desires. Through these open channels arises the opportunity for every person be inspired to help make the world a better place to live.

Respecting Tradition & Mother Nature – Our products are based on ancient recipes from Celtic, Native American, Egyptian, Greek and Eastern European traditions. These ancient recipes that have been proven to aid stress, pain, promote relaxation and create the possibilities of manifesting our desires. All of our products contain only the highest quality pure essential oils, true to nature fragrance oils, food grade vegetable oils, solar kiln sea salt and herbs, resins and roots, many of which are wild-crafted or organic. Our products are never tested on animals. We use Ecologically friendly and user safe PET plastic bottles and jars are used for all our bath & body, spa & specialty products. The PET bottles and jars used contain UV protectants to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and other ingredients added.

Manifesting Positive Change – Nearly every ancient culture used essential oils and herbs during ritual and prayer, in conjunction with manifesting goals and dreams – from love or prosperity to inner peace or emotional healing. Today we are lucky to have a wealth of what were once rare and hard-to-acquire essential oils and herbs available at our fingertips. Our products are designed with specific uses and purposes to help the user to focus their intent and manifest their desires.

Healing From Within – Natural healing has become a way of life for many people in today’s modern cultures. Herbs and essential oils were the foundation for the practice of medicine, as we know it today. It is scientifically proven that many essential oils and herbs have healing properties. We feature many special products that aid in relieving stress, muscle aches and pains, inflammation, insomnia, PMS and Menopause. Natural products help us to heal from within.

Empowering Women – History reveals that woman once served as rulers and healers in many strong and vital cultures. The patriarchal societies of our times make it challenging for women to succeed in leading a balanced life. Today, more women than ever are single mothers or single people, by choice or chance and they are often faced with very stressful lives. Of The Goddess Ltd’s products and principles were created with the intention of helping other women to empower themselves and their lives. Our aim is to make life easier and add meaning and purpose to the lives of women of all ages.

Serving The Community – As a woman-owned business, Of The Goddess Ltd. has experienced many of the difficulties and setbacks that women and small business owners experience during their first years in business. The company’s founder believes that small businesses are the cornerstone of America’s economy and strives to help other women and small businesses in their start-up ventures, offering low minimums, and energetic, free sales and marketing guidance for each individual market. Of The Goddess Ltd’s philanthropic interests and commitments focus on women’s issues, education and the arts.

Living In Awe – At Of The Goddess Ltd. we hold the core belief that each of us are awesome beings who are here for a purpose, and that this purpose cannot be achieved unless individuals make the choice to have love – not fear – be the guiding force in their lives. Inherent to this philosophy is a deep respect for the unknown and for the elements that are beyond human control. To live in awe and respect for nature and for the natural rhythms of the universe is key to our very existence. In conclusion, Of The Goddess Ltd. believes that awesome people have powerful souls, and that this power is essential, elemental and accessible to any person, despite the challenges and difficulties of living in the modern world.

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