“Your products are truly wonderful!!! I have shared them with some women in the office and they agree – they are fabulous! We all especially like the Terra Verde Lavender Walnut Scrub because it does not stay gritty like others.” – Diane Golden, Project Manager, Marianne Williamson’s Office, Renaissance Unity

“Pamela Leavey is a completely inspiring person, and I have so much admiration for her. Aromatherapy of the Goddess’ products are marvelous, pure, and unique.” – Tina Louise, “Ginger” – Gilligan’s Island

“What’s really exceptional about Grapefruit Walnut Scrub is that it utilizes very fine grain walnut shells, so it’s not harsh and it doesn’t burn my skin. It actually gives me the same results as the other chemically-based peels I used to use, but I don’t have to wait hours to go outside in the sun! I use it on my face and chest, and I see visible results immediately – my skin looks clearer and brighter. I use it every day, and it reduces scarring – even working on old childhood nicks and scrapes.” – Curtis C.- Actor, Los Angeles, CA – X-Files, Strong Medicine & Gideon’s Crossing

“Super Rub really helps to ease the chronic pain I suffer from multiple shoulder surgeries.” – M. Gorman

“Thanks for the wonderful products you sell. I have received rave reviews on EVERYTHING I’ve sold from your company. It is very clear that you put a lot of thought, energy, care and spirit into everything you create.” – George Anthony, Elumessence

“Your Via Salaria Body Buffers are fabulous! It leaves my skin feeling like silk.”
– Karen Lopez, Past & Presents

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