From the beginning of time when first we worshiped the Great Mother Goddess, Crystals have been used as power symbols, for healing, balancing, to increase awareness, empowerment and balance. Great civilizations long before our time knew the power that these gifts from Mother Earth held.

Carl Jung observed that the crystal, a magical fusion of form and earthly matter, is one of the most perfect and powerful symbols of the self. It’s symbolism is Universal.

Literature and books on Crystals are widespread. Common meanings and usage vary from culture to culture, much like herbal lore. With so much to learn from, my knowledge and collection keeps growing. The list you will find here, and the meanings and usage, are some that I have found meaning in for myself. I hope that you will find your own meaning and answers through these descriptions.

AMETHYST – Increases spiritual awareness; lifts depression; aids in receptivity; brings calmness to the mind and body. A very healing stone, widely used in healing rituals. Associated with the Seventh Chakra.

AQUAMARINE – Aids in clairvoyance; spiritual awareness; helps release of emotional trauma. Balances and develops Fifth Chakra qualities.

CALCITE – Strengthens memory, intellect and the physical mind. Stimulates and soothes the Seventh Chakra.

CITRINE – Develops self-discipline; manifests creativity; supports self will. Some associate Citrine with money. A very powerful stone for some. Associated with the Third Chakra.

FLOURITE – Accesses the visionary mind; protects from interference’s from other energy forces; balances the mind. Associated with the Seventh Chakra.

JADE – Is a Crystal that is highly revered by the Chinese. Jade encourages Dream Work. It is great for achieving emotional balance and accessing your higher guidance.

GARNET – A very good stone for balancing of creativity and sexuality. Accesses creativity and vitality. Healing to the circulatory system. Associated with the First and Second Chakras.

MOONSTONE – Moonstone is the stone of the Goddess. It promotes emotional balance and opens up creativity. It is associated with the Second Chakra.

OBSIDIAN – There are many Obsidians, the two most common are Black Obsidian and Snowflake Obsidian. Obsidian is a stone of Power, it was used extensively by the Mayans. Obsidian promotes awareness, grounds and helps to focus. It is associated with the First Chakra.

PERIDOT – A great stone to wear for Protection. Peridot also raises consciousness and is related to the Heart Chakra – Fourth Chakra. It is recommended to be balanced in that Chakra before wearing on a regular basis as it can be very powerful.

QUARTZ – Intensifies and focuses all types of energy. A very healing stone, can be programmed by intention. Associated with the Seventh Chakra and spiritual awareness.

ROSE QUARTZ – Develops joy and self love. Lifts depression, relieves stress. Associated with the Fourth Chakra.