Press Release: 10/2000


Of The Goddess Ltd. has recently launched a Wholesale Only Web Site –, featuring a complete Secure Order Database of their extensive line of All Natural Aromatherapy, Bath & Body and Personal Care Products, as well as a broad variety of Bulk Herbs, Essential, Fragrance & Carrier Oils and Aromatherapy Supplies.

Following on the success of their original Web Site, proprietor Pamela J. Leavey, felt it was time to break the Wholesale section of that Web Site off to it’s own site. Offering an On Line Retail Store, a Daily Inspirations and Daily Affirmations Page, and many other informative pages geared towards the vast amount of Women and New Age Internet surfers, has become a quite a popular site. “When I launched our first Web Site, I wanted to offer something more than just our products. I feel strongly about the need for each of us to make a difference in the World,” says Pamela. “I have received so many wonderful emails thanking me for our Daily Inspirations and Daily Affirmations pages. It is really heart warming and makes me feel that it is definitely worth the effort.”

“Our new Web Site, is already pulling in the traffic and receiving orders,” says Pamela. With an extensive line of All Natural Products, found in many Women’s Specialty, Bath & Body and New Age Shops across the U.S., Of The Goddess Ltd. is rapidly becoming a known Brand. High quality products and great customer service are the focal points of this Woman Owned Business based in the Los Angeles area. Pamela, will also custom blend products tailored for her clients. She has three new Private Label contracts in the works and sees that aspect of Of The Goddess Ltd. as a selling point for her rapidly growing company. “I love to do Custom Blending,” she says, “ it’s real hands on when you can work with a client to develop something special just for them.”

Future plans, for Of The Goddess Ltd. include one more Web Site which Pamela hopes to launch after the new year. That Web Site will feature her products as well as many other products geared towards the Health and Spiritual conscious consumer. It is evident in Pamela’s original Mission Statement for her company, “It is the mission of Of The Goddess Ltd. to share for the greater good of all. Please join us on our course to make the world a better place to live,” that Of The Goddess Ltd. will be making that and much more happen!

Contact Information:
Pamela J. Leavey, Proprietor
Of The Goddess Ltd.

Press Release: 04/2001

West Toluca Lake, Ca.

Enter The Realm Of The Goddess… is the invitation on the home page of Of The Goddess Ltd.’s successful website. All Natural Aromatherapy, Bath & Body and Accessories For The Body Mind & Soul… Affirmations, Inspirations & Enlightenment, Women’s Health & Healing… And So Much More… gives you a bit of an idea what you find when you surf through this diverse and interesting website.

Pamela J. Leavey, Proprietor of Of The Goddess Ltd. provides a Daily Affirmations and a Daily Inspirations Page on the website five days a week. It is a labor of love for Pamela who feels that making a difference is the world is her mission in life and in business. Profiled on’s Mompreneur section last December, Pamela shared with visitors to that she believes “Offering those pages makes a difference in the lives of a lot of people. I live by the basic spiritual principle, ”Give when and what you can, and expect nothing in return”.” “I do this because I feel that it is so important to share wisdom and knowledge. Many visitors have emailed throughout the past couple of years to thank me for these pages,” Pamela shares. To be successful, Pamela feels you must, “Strive to make a difference in the world”.

Women’s Health and Healing are other topics that Pamela has made a point of sharing with her visitors. A page of Breast Cancer Links and a page of Menopause Awareness Links are also prevalent on the website, along with Goddess Mythology and Aromatherapy articles written by Pamela. When you click through the archived Daily Affirmations pages, you will also find a few of Pamela’s own Affirmations, sprinkled in with the likes of Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra and Julia Cameron.

In describing her website, Pamela says, “I like to think of as a mini women’s portal. I don’t want people to come to my website for the sole purpose of buying my products. I want them to come there because they enjoy the website. It’s sort of like walking into a New Age Book Shop and sitting down for a while to read a book. If you decide while you are there to take a look through our store, I hope you find something you really must have, but if you don’t, please come back again!”

Of The Goddess Ltd. features many wonderful all natural products to choose from. The Aromatherapy Of The Goddess line offers Aromatherapy, Bath & Body and Personal Care Products. There are over twenty- five specially blended Goddess Potions and a wide selection Essential and Fragrance Oils available. Many of the Goddess Potions, Essential and Fragrance Oils are also available in a variety of Bath & Body products, including Body Oils and Lotions, Bath Salts, Foam Baths and Shower Gels. Her very popular Love Potion # 9 is a warm earthy blend of Jasmine, Musk and Lemon Verbena. “Love Potion # 9 is a very special blend that has been formulated to invoke the feelings of Love and Attraction. This scent, like all of my Goddess Potions can be worn by both Women and Men,” says Pamela. There are many other wonderful products to choose from in this diverse line including therapeutic Herbal Bath Teas and Color Therapy Bath Salts.

Other popular products lines exclusive to Of The Goddess Ltd. include Via Salaria, an all natural Salt Scrub, Body Buffer line with three unique Essential Oil and Herbal blends; Aquae Sulis Elixirs, a Floral Water and Toner Line; Terra Verde, a line of natural Clay Masks, and KnowScents, a line of Fragrance Blends and Bath Salts designed for the younger market.

In the works at Of The Goddess Ltd. is a line of fruity scented Bath Salts, Foam Baths and Body Glitter for the preteen set, Travel Kits featuring the Goddess Potion products in travel sizes and Pamela is now considering a Men’s line. Just launched at are Of The Goddess Ltd.’s new Intent Kits and Spa Kits, featuring full sized Bath & Body products, and lot’s of other fun stuff. The Spa Kits (Energizing and Relaxing) are packed with a Sea Sponge or a Loofa and a Sarong for after the bath or shower. The Intent Kits come with a Journal for jotting down your goals and dreams towards the Intention theme of each Kit – Love, Prosperity and Empowerment.

Pamela believes that customer service and good products are both key to success. Her clientele knows that she is dedicated to providing both. Along with her popular website, Pamela also offers a Wholesale Only website where Retail Store Owners can place secure online orders. She has developed products for private label for other companies and is currently working on a new line of products for a popular fitness instructor. There is also an Aromatherapy book in the works. Never a dull moment for Pamela and her company, Of The Goddess Ltd., as Pamela strives to make a difference in world.

Contact Information:
Pamela J. Leavey, Proprietor
Of The Goddess Ltd.

Aromatherapy Info

Aromatherapy – The use of the scent or Aroma of Essential Oils and Herbs as a curative, healing art. The Therapeutic use of Aroma.product display2

Dear Friends,

Aromatherapy is an Ancient Art. Our products are based on the ancient principles and use of Aromatherapy. Today, modern Aromatherapy takes much of its theory from the ancient principles based on the lore of the Goddess Era. Throughout the Goddess Era, the Earth was revered as the Great Mother Goddess. Those dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess and the many other Goddesses that followed knew the powers of Essential Oils and Herbs.

For thousands of years Essential Oils and Herbs have been used for Healing and Intent purposes such as Enlightenment, Love, Protection, Purification and Prosperity. At Of The Goddess Ltd. we offer products designed to be useful, but also to add grace and pleasure to one’s life. All of our products come directly from the Great Goddess Herself, Mother Earth. She has given us great gifts to utilize.

The course of Of The Goddess Ltd. is to share those gifts and aid in making the World a better place to live. Our Products share the messages of Love and Healing, with Intent to Harm None. We offer a wide selection of Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products for Intent focus, Healing and Nurturing. We use No Chemicals or Additives in over 95% of our products. The small amount of Chemicals we do use are Botanically derived. Our products and packaging are Ecologically Friendly and Cruelty Free. Only the finest ingredients are used in our products, from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt to French Lavendar Essential Oil to Macadamia Nut Oil, we bring you the best that Mother Earth has to offer.

The path of Cosmic Consciousness has opened up the doors for us all to return to a more peaceful, more thoughtful way of life. Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Herbs enhance our lives in many ways, with all they have to offer. Our extensive Product Lines utilize the benefits of Aromatherapy and open up the pathways of Consciousness allowing abundance and well being to flow into the body, mind and soul. The Ancient Goddess tradition teaches us that whatever you put out, you receive threefold. It is the Mission of Of The Goddess Ltd. to share for the greater good of all. Please join us in making the World a better place to live.

Bright Blessings,


Egyptian Goddesses

Egypt had many Goddesses that were highly revered by it’s people. The study of Egyptology has long fascinated the world, and there are many great books available on the subject. The Pharaohs consulted the Goddesses. Cleopatra took Isis as her own Goddess. On a whole there is perhaps more Goddess Lore related to Egypt than to any other country in the World. We are blessed that so much has been preserved by Egypt and that it’s history was so rich.

Isis was worshiped as the Great Mother Goddess for over 3000 years by the Egyptians. She was the Goddess of Fertility, and was present every day at sunrise and with every new and full moon. Isis is the force of love that creates new life from old. She was married to her brother Osiris. When Osiris was murdered by their jealous brother Set and his body scattered in fourteen directions, Isis searched for the pieces of her lost love. The power of her love for Osiris brought him back to life briefly and they conceived a child Horus, the falcon headed God. Together Isis and Horus brought Set to justice for the murder of Osiris.

Maat was the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. All of Egypt’s Laws and Justice revolved around the wisdom of Maat for many centuries. The Pharaohs consulted Maat in all dealings. She was perhaps at one time the most powerful and revered of all the Egyptian Goddesses, though there is little reference made to her compared to many of the other Egyptian Goddesses.

Bastet was the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Bastet, also known as Bast or Ubasti was primarily worshiped in the ancient city of Bubastis on the Nile Delta. Like Isis, Bastet was a Goddess of Fertility. As the protector of cats, Bastet was also an the Goddess of the Hearth. During the New Kingdom (1539-1075 BC), she became associated with Sekhmet, the lioness Deity of War. Bastet was also worshiped as the spouse of the creator God, Ptah-seker-ausur. Bastet was often portrayed with a Sistrum (ancient Egyptian percussion instrument) in her right hand. The city of Bubastis celebrated it’s festival of Bastet each year with an estimated 700,000 people each year. Excavations in the area where Bubastis was located have uncovered cemeteries with a large numbers of mummified cats and cat figurines, which were perhaps dedicated to Bastet during her festival.


Today, so many of us seek a gentler, more peaceful way of life and quest to learn the meaning of life.

We, the Spiritual Seekers follow a path of our own choosing. The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients speaks to us of something long hidden within our souls.

Within these pages you will find myths of the Ancient Goddesses, Herbal Lore, Salem Witch Trial History, Poetry, Inspiration and Links to other informative sites. We hope you will bookmark our site, and visit often, as we are constantly updating and adding to our site.

Namaste, Pamela J. Leavey ~ Of The Goddess Ltd.


Relief of the Gaulish horse goddess Epona

Relief of the Gaulish horse goddess Epona

Across the British Isles there have been many Statues found of Epona, the Celtic Horse Goddess. There is a huge carving, in the chalk on a hillside in Berkshire, England that is of a Horse.

Epona was said to appear to her followers riding a white horse that did not seem to be of this earth. The horse was very important to the Celtic peoples. They were used for plowing, traveling and transporting heavy loads of goods.

Later known as Rhiannon, there are many legends and myths of Epona. She is often accompanied by three birds from the Otherworld. The Otherworld is where the Gods and Goddesses live. The song from the birds of the Otherworld were said to have magical powers, including the restoring the dead to life and healing sadness and pain.

The Horses of the British Isles were small compared to the Horses brought to the Isles by the Romans and the Berbers. Among the many legends of Epona she was said to have saved her people from the Barbarians who rode to conquer the Celtic peoples.


The Indian Goddess of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Beauty is beloved in India. She represents all that is feminine. Her consort, Vishnu is called the conqueror of Darkness, represents all that is masculine. Lakshmi rose from an Ocean of Milk standing on a Lotus Blossom.

Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

Vishnu created the Ocean of Milk for Indra, the King of the Gods. Indra wanted to make a magical potion to bestow eternal life. Many wonderful things came from the Ocean Milk including Lakshmi, who immediately announced that her place was with Vishnu. They were soon married and had a son named Kama. Kama became the God of Romantic Love.

Lakshmi bestows riches on all of her worshipers. It is believed that she lives in the sky with the stars. On the night of the New Moon in November, Indian women hang lanterns outside that look like stars. Stars are considered to be the jewels of Lakshmi. The hope is that the lanterns will attract good fortune and prosperity to their homes in the coming year.

Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a personal Goddess of mine. Her story touches my heart and soul. She is still today one of the most popular Goddesses, not only among her own people, the Chinese, but the world. Many believe she is still looking after those in need of her care. Quan Yin is the Holy Mother of Compassion and Mercy. She is the personification of Karuna – the principle of boundless Compassion and loving kindness. She is the patron of all mothers, and is often pictured with a child seated next to her. To invoke her name will bring protection and help to those in need.

Quan Yin not wishing to marry a wealthy, but cruel husband like her sisters sought permission from her father to enter a temple. Though he gave his permission, he secretly ordered the temple priestesses to make life very difficult for Quan Yin. The animals near to the temple saw her struggles with all her chores and came to help her. Many thought it to be a miracle and when word spread of the miracles, Quan Yin’s father had her killed.

After her death, upon reaching the heavens, Quan Yin was made to be a Goddess for the purity of her soul and the compassion she held for all others. Feeling the longing to help those in need, Quan Yin asked permission to return to earth to help those in pain. It was her vow never to leave in earth as long as there were those in need of her help.

There have been many times in my life over the last few years that I have felt the presence of Quan Yin near me. My daughter frequently asks Quan Yin for her protection, especially at night when she is fearful of bad dreams.


Venus, The Roman Goddess Of Love, is also known as Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. Venus was born of the Sea and the Sky. She was honored as the Mother of the Roman people. Julius Caesar was said to have linked his lineage to Venus. Her mortal born son, by Anchises, was Aeneas. Aeneas was the founder of the great city of Rome. There are still shrines to Venus and Aphrodite existing in the Mediterranean Region to this day. Each year the city of Venice, named for Venus, celebrates the marriage of their city to Venus.

Botticelli - Venus

Venus serves as inspiration to many great works of art, including the statue of Venus De Milo in the Louvre and the great painting, The Birth of Venus, by Botticelli. It is the Goddess Venus who inspires people to love one another and to celebrate the rites of Marriage. She is also associated with the rites of Spring and Fertility. Though there are many other great Goddesses associated with Love, Venus reigns as the supreme Goddess Of Love.