Essential Oil Facts & Info 2

Essential Oils can be utilized for many external uses & inhalation. Essential oils are highly concentrated, topical use should be done with extreme care and caution. Inhalation of Essential Oils should be used for purposes suggested and should be also done with caution and care. Please consult an aromatherapy book for in-depth description of uses and purposes. We recommend The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, by Julia Lawless.

Aromatic Bath, Hot Tub or Sauna: place 4 – 10 drops in the water. It is recommended to put the drops into the water immediately before entering. Gently stir the water to disperse the oil. For sauna, we recommend that you dilute the oil with 70 – 90 % water and spray on rocks and into the air. Essential oils may also be blended with Sea Salt for use in the bath.

Aromatic Compress: Put 3-5 drops into a hot or cold basin or bowl of water depending the need for a compress. Cold water will contract the skin tissue and warm water will relax the skin tissue. Fold a clean cloth and submerge it into the water, and then squeeze the excess water from the compress into the basin. Apply immediately to the painful area.

Aromatic Facial Steam: Use 1 -2 drops of oil per cup of boiling water. Place drops into the bowl or basin after the water has boiled. Stir the water to disperse the oil. Immediately place a towel over your head and place your face as close as possible to the aromatic steam with out causing any discomfit.

Aromatic Massage: Use 5 – 10 drops of essential oil per 2 – 8 oz. of carrier oil. We recommend Sweet Almond, Safflower, Grapeseed, Jojoba, or Apricot Kernel Oils. These wonderful carrier oils also make great Body Oils.

Steam Inhalation: We recommended inhalation for respiratory problems such colds, sinuses and coughs. Inhalation can also be used for headaches. Place 3 – 5 drops of essential oil on a tissue or handkerchief. Hold it under your nose and then breathe deeply. Also placing a small, open bottle of essential oil can have the same effect.

Environmental & Room Fragrancing: Electronic diffusers are an easy and effective way to fragrance a room for esthetic and therapeutic purposes. Use only pure essential oils or synergies of pure essential oils never use essential oils cut with carrier oils in diffusers as they will clog the diffuser. Use essential oils and diffusers instead of aerosol room fresheners.

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