Press Release: 02/2002

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2002

The Goddess of Love – For Love Potions and Casting a Spell for Valentine’s Day visit “The Goddess”… is the Online home for Of The Goddess Ltd., a unique company offering Natural Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products. Among the special blends offered by Of The Goddess Ltd. are their Goddess Potions, featuring seven different Potions for Love and Attraction.

Of The Goddess Ltd.’s proprietor, Pamela J. Leavey, is known to her friends and clients, as “The Goddess”. For over six years she has been concocting her “Love Potions” and other popular products for Retail Shops across the United States. “I would say that the products that have been blended for “Love” are my bestsellers, not just at Valentine’s Day but year round”, says Pamela. “Each of my “Potions” have been blended for a specific use and purpose, and Love to me is the highest purpose! Everyone is interested in Love and Attraction in some form or another. Love Potions have been around for centuries.”

With products like Love #9 Body Lotion & Bath Salt to Love Tea, Of The Goddess Ltd. covers the gamut from the wearable to the drinkable Love Potions. “My personal favorite of all my “Love” products is the Love Herbal Bath Tea. It’s a blend of Rose Buds, Lavendar Flowers, Orange Peel and Lemon Verbena Herb with that old fashioned romantic feel and aroma”, Pamela says. “Men love it just as much as the women do”.

“Since September 11th, the focus of most people is on feeling good. My company and my products are all about making people feel good, inside and out.” Whether you want to attract a new significant other, or just relax and unwind, “The Goddess” has all the right stuff! For the past two years a trendy Manhattan restaurant has been giving out her “Love Potions” to their patrons on Valentine’s Day. Pamela says, “I hope to see more businesses passing out “Love” to their clients this year. Love is very healing, and we all need that right now.”

Of The Goddess Ltd. is a Woman Owned Company in the Los Angeles area, whose Natural Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products, Business Policies and Principles are based on Enlightenment, Spiritual Theory, Healing and the Well Being of All.

Contact Information:
Pamela J. Leavey, Proprietor
Of The Goddess Ltd.

About Us

Dear Friends,

Aromatherapy is an Ancient Art. Our products are based on the ancient principles and use of Aromatherapy. Today, modern Aromatherapy takes much of its theory from the ancient principles based on the lore of the Goddess Era. Throughout the Goddess Era, the Earth was revered as the Great Mother Goddess. Those dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess and the many other Goddesses that followed knew the powers of Essential Oils and Herbs.

For thousands of years Essential Oils and Herbs have been used for Healing and Intent purposes such as Enlightenment, Love, Protection, Purification and Prosperity. At Of The Goddess Ltd. we offer products designed to be useful, but also to add grace and pleasure to one’s life. All of our products come directly from the Great Goddess Herself, Mother Earth. She has given us great gifts to utilize.

The course of Of The Goddess Ltd. is to share those gifts and aid in making the World a better place to live. Our Products share the messages of Love and Healing, with Intent to Harm None. We offer a wide selection of Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Products for Intent focus, Healing and Nurturing. We use No Chemicals or Additives in over 95% of our products. The small amount of Chemicals we do use are Botanically derived. Our products and packaging are Ecologically Friendly and Cruelty Free. Only the finest ingredients are used in our products, from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt to French Lavendar Essential Oil to Macadamia Nut Oil, we bring you the best that Mother Earth has to offer.

The path of Cosmic Consciousness has opened up the doors for us all to return to a more peaceful, more thoughtful way of life. Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Herbs enhance our lives in many ways, with all they have to offer. Our extensive Product Lines utilize the benefits of Aromatherapy and open up the pathways of Consciousness allowing abundance and well being to flow into the body, mind and soul. The Ancient Goddess tradition teaches us that whatever you put out, you receive threefold. It is the Mission of Of The Goddess Ltd. to share for the greater good of all. Please join us in making the World a better place to live.

Bright Blessings,