The Burning Times

BURNING TIMES: In reference to a historical time from approx. 1000 CE through the 17th century, when over nine million people were tortured and burned by church and public officials, on the assumption that they were Witches. This turned into a very profitable situation, as land and property was seized from the accused and portions given to the accuser (as reward), the remainder seized by the church officials. Historians indicate that the majority of the people tortured and murdered were women and children; though men and animals were included in the gross hysteria that claimed millions of lives.

A Partial List of some Significant Dates of The Burning Times:

1493-1541- Paracelsus. Physician who claimed that everything he learned came from an old witch.

1515-1588- Weyer, Johan. Born in Brabant (Belgium). German physician.
Believed most witches were disturbed old women, incapable of harm. Felt that the belief in witchcraft was caused by the devil. In 1563, he wrote De Praestigiis Daemonum. Was forced out of Netherlands by the Catholic Governor, Duke of Alba.

1529-1596 or 1530-1590- Bodin, Jean. French Judge. In 1580, he wrote De la Demonomanie des Sorciers. He Claimed that those who denied the existance of witches were themselves witches.

1530-1616- Remy, Nicholas. French Lawyer fought against witches.

1566- The Chelmesford witches

1584- Publication of The Discoverie of Witchcraft-, by Reginald Scot, suggested that maybe witches did not really exist.

1590-1591-The North Berwick Witches.

1608- Publication of Compendium Maleficarum , by Francesco Maria Guazzo

1657-March, Jennette Huart-and others strangled and burned as witches in Sugny, Belgium.

1782-Last witch burned in Europe.

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