Herbs & Goddess Lore

Whether you ingest, burn, bathe, or make a poultice, herbs are most beneficial to our body, as well as our soul. Beginning with the Goddess Era, the burning of Incense for purification and other aromatic uses is a tradition that will never cease.

In my studies I have learned that Herbal Incense is far more beneficial than Stick Incense. Stick Incenses contain chemicals that are used to create the resins that hold them together. Long before the use of stick incense, pure herbs were burned for their aromatic benefits. You will be surprised to know that some very common herbs were once used as incense.

Herbal Bath Teas may be used for both Therapeutic needs, as well as Intent Work. Soaking in a bath that has been steeped with Herbal Bath Teas may alleviate many ills, and help to attract the positive vibrations used in Intent Work.

Thyme has great powers for both relaxation and purification.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender Flowers

Lavender can be burnt for attraction and relaxation.

Recent studies have shown the the aromatic use of St. John’s Wort has a similar effect to taken orally for depression. The Goddesses burned St. John’s Wort for Strength and Power.

Cinnamon is great for attracting prosperity.

Chamomile, not only used to ease an upset stomach or for relaxation, can be used to draw prosperity.

Cinquefoil, the five finger grass is used for Wisdom, Love, Prosperity, Protection and Healing.

For more information on using Herbs for Aromatherapy, I recommend reading :

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