The Indian Goddess of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Beauty is beloved in India. She represents all that is feminine. Her consort, Vishnu is called the conqueror of Darkness, represents all that is masculine. Lakshmi rose from an Ocean of Milk standing on a Lotus Blossom.

Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

Lakshmi the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

Vishnu created the Ocean of Milk for Indra, the King of the Gods. Indra wanted to make a magical potion to bestow eternal life. Many wonderful things came from the Ocean Milk including Lakshmi, who immediately announced that her place was with Vishnu. They were soon married and had a son named Kama. Kama became the God of Romantic Love.

Lakshmi bestows riches on all of her worshipers. It is believed that she lives in the sky with the stars. On the night of the New Moon in November, Indian women hang lanterns outside that look like stars. Stars are considered to be the jewels of Lakshmi. The hope is that the lanterns will attract good fortune and prosperity to their homes in the coming year.

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