Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a personal Goddess of mine. Her story touches my heart and soul. She is still today one of the most popular Goddesses, not only among her own people, the Chinese, but the world. Many believe she is still looking after those in need of her care. Quan Yin is the Holy Mother of Compassion and Mercy. She is the personification of Karuna – the principle of boundless Compassion and loving kindness. She is the patron of all mothers, and is often pictured with a child seated next to her. To invoke her name will bring protection and help to those in need.

Quan Yin not wishing to marry a wealthy, but cruel husband like her sisters sought permission from her father to enter a temple. Though he gave his permission, he secretly ordered the temple priestesses to make life very difficult for Quan Yin. The animals near to the temple saw her struggles with all her chores and came to help her. Many thought it to be a miracle and when word spread of the miracles, Quan Yin’s father had her killed.

After her death, upon reaching the heavens, Quan Yin was made to be a Goddess for the purity of her soul and the compassion she held for all others. Feeling the longing to help those in need, Quan Yin asked permission to return to earth to help those in pain. It was her vow never to leave in earth as long as there were those in need of her help.

There have been many times in my life over the last few years that I have felt the presence of Quan Yin near me. My daughter frequently asks Quan Yin for her protection, especially at night when she is fearful of bad dreams.

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