Salem Witch Trials

The Circle - Salem Witchcraft Museum

The following dialogue is based on the examination of Sarah Good, by Judges Hawthorne and Corwin, from The Salem Witchcraft Papers, Book II, p.355. This dialogue is based on actual Court Transcript from the Salem, Ma. Witchcraft Trials.

“What evil spirit have you familiarity with?”
“Have you made no contract with the devil?”
“Why do you hurt these children?”
“I do not hurt them. I scorn it.”
“Who do you imploy then to do it?”
“I imploy no body.”
“What creature do you imploy then?”
“No creature.”
“I am falsely accused.”

On July 19, 1692 Sarah Good was executed by hanging, along with Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wildes.

The Following Persons Were Tried For Witchcraft In Newbury(port):

  • John Godfrey Was Tried 3 Times For Witchcraft – 1659,1665 & 1669;
  • Caleb Powell Was Tried during 1679/1680;
  • Elizabeth Morse Was Tried 1679/1680

The Following Persons Were Tried For Witchcraft and /or Executed, From Neighboring Towns To Newbury(port):

  • Susannah Martin Was Tried For Witchcraft and Executed on July 19, 1692, Susannah Martin was from Amesbury, Massachusetts.
  • Martha Carrier Was Tried in 1692, and Executed For Witchcraft on August 19,1692,
    Martha Carrier Was From Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Sarah Carrier Confessed To Crimes Of Witchcraft In 1692, she was Martha Carrier’s Daughter, Sarah, 8 Years Old, Was From Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Mary Bradbury Was Tried and Condemned For Witchcraft September 9, 1692, Mary Was From Salisbury, Massachusetts.
  • John Jackson Sr. Was Examined For Witchcraft in 1692, John Was From Rowley, Massachusetts.
  • John Jackson Jr. Was Examined For Witchcraft in 1692, John Was From Rowley, Massachusetts.

Living In The Shadow
Growing up in the Shadow of a place where great horrors once occurred, Salem, Ma. and it’s history part of the truth of where I am from. Moving 3000 miles from home to Los Angeles years ago, and finding myself as a Spiritual Seeker of the Truth, where I came from held new and sad mysteries for me.

My home town is Newburyport, Ma.. A lovely seaport about 20 miles north of Salem. Newburyport is rich in it’s own history. Little did I know of Newburyport’s own Witchcraft Trials until a visit home when I found “The Lost Newbury(port) Witchcraft Cases”, by Peter A. Lenz. By this time I was firmly enmeshed in my own solitary learning and practice. It was enlightening to know that such horrors also took place in my hometown and relief to find that none of the accused were executed.

I have long felt that were I alive in Salem at the time of The Witchcraft Trials, I, too would have been tried. There are no words to express the grief that I feel for the women and men who lost their lives due to gross misconception, mass hysteria and fear. I weep for the lives lost and thank God and the Goddess that we have grown to accept Wicca as a peaceful, loving way of life. Although there are still, many who fear, we have come far in the battle for truth.

Namaste ~ Pamela

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