Xochiquetzal was the Goddess of Art, Dance, Love and Music. She lived on the top of a mountain above the Nine Heavens. It was said that those who were faithful to Her would spend eternity in Her Paradise.

She was married to the God of Rain – Tlaloc. The rain that he made in the skies, made the flowers that Xochiquetzal created grow. Many mortal men fell in love with her because of her beauty and her loving nature. By his persistent nature the God Texcatlipoca won her away from Tlaloc.

There came a flood which destroyed all of earth’s creatures but Xochiquetzal and one mortal man. Together they had many children to repopulate the earth. Each child was born voiceless. Xochiquetzal called upon a Dove to descend from the Tree of Heaven and give them each a unique voice and language. It was believed that all of the different races and languages came from these different children. Thus Xochiquetzal was honored as the Mother of the World.

Mayan Copal is an awesome natural Herbal Incense. Burn to release negativity, for purification and power.

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