Press Release: 10/2000


Of The Goddess Ltd. has recently launched a Wholesale Only Web Site –, featuring a complete Secure Order Database of their extensive line of All Natural Aromatherapy, Bath & Body and Personal Care Products, as well as a broad variety of Bulk Herbs, Essential, Fragrance & Carrier Oils and Aromatherapy Supplies.

Following on the success of their original Web Site, proprietor Pamela J. Leavey, felt it was time to break the Wholesale section of that Web Site off to it’s own site. Offering an On Line Retail Store, a Daily Inspirations and Daily Affirmations Page, and many other informative pages geared towards the vast amount of Women and New Age Internet surfers, has become a quite a popular site. “When I launched our first Web Site, I wanted to offer something more than just our products. I feel strongly about the need for each of us to make a difference in the World,” says Pamela. “I have received so many wonderful emails thanking me for our Daily Inspirations and Daily Affirmations pages. It is really heart warming and makes me feel that it is definitely worth the effort.”

“Our new Web Site, is already pulling in the traffic and receiving orders,” says Pamela. With an extensive line of All Natural Products, found in many Women’s Specialty, Bath & Body and New Age Shops across the U.S., Of The Goddess Ltd. is rapidly becoming a known Brand. High quality products and great customer service are the focal points of this Woman Owned Business based in the Los Angeles area. Pamela, will also custom blend products tailored for her clients. She has three new Private Label contracts in the works and sees that aspect of Of The Goddess Ltd. as a selling point for her rapidly growing company. “I love to do Custom Blending,” she says, “ it’s real hands on when you can work with a client to develop something special just for them.”

Future plans, for Of The Goddess Ltd. include one more Web Site which Pamela hopes to launch after the new year. That Web Site will feature her products as well as many other products geared towards the Health and Spiritual conscious consumer. It is evident in Pamela’s original Mission Statement for her company, “It is the mission of Of The Goddess Ltd. to share for the greater good of all. Please join us on our course to make the world a better place to live,” that Of The Goddess Ltd. will be making that and much more happen!

Contact Information:
Pamela J. Leavey, Proprietor
Of The Goddess Ltd.

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