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Office Cleaning: A Guide To Healthy Spaces

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to clean your office at work or your home office, a clean environment is not only healthy but a comfortable space to live and work in. We will discuss tips and guidelines to help you thoroughly clean your office and organize it according to the experts at Evergreen Commercial Cleaning Services.

Most offices become ridden with bacteria and germs over time, so properly disinfecting and cleaning your desk will help significantly. Be sure to implement the tips described below so that you can make your office a lot cleaner, stay healthy, and avoid illness.

Office Cleaning

You’ll likely spend a great deal of time in your office and you’ll quickly realize that you use your office for more things than just working. You likely eat, drink, cough, sneeze and even spill things every day. Due to this, your office will become quite filled with germs, bacteria and other microbes. In addition to these germs you’ll also have clutter from your every day life that will also need to be sanitized and well organized.

Dust: You’ll need to dust regularly using a microfiber cloth that is slightly damp. Be sure to move all items from your desk such as folders, papers and other objects. Then, wipe the desk using the microfiber cloth and make sure that you also wipe areas such as on top of your monitor, the fan blades, photo frames, at the back of the desk etc.

Vacuum: When vacuuming your office, you should start from the top and work down. It is best to use the different attachments such as the narrow brush, carpet attachment, upholstery brush etc. Make sure that you completely vacuum your entire office and make sure that you properly vacuum areas with lots of dust as well as the places where you just dusted.

Disinfect: While you’re working or sitting at your office desk, you’ll often touch a lot of things causing lots of microorganisms and bacteria to grow. This is especially true on your keyword, mouse, laptop, phone etc. So, take the time to thoroughly disinfect all of these surfaces.

Don’t forget to set an aromatherapy diffuser in each room of the home or office. A large central room will also work well.

Consistency: You also need to clean on a consistent basis, so be sure to add a weekly or bi-weekly reminder to your phone’s calendar. When you have a routine, cleaning will become a lot easier. You should also have disinfectant wipes on your desk so you can wipe down your desk and most frequently used items daily or in between your scheduled cleaning days.

Office Organization

Always get rid of clutter on your desk and properly organize it. This will help you to better organize your thoughts and help you to keep calm throughout your work day. It will also help to increase your productivity and lower stress.

Get rid of any clutter that shouldn’t be there. You can keep a couple of important photos, plants etc.
Next, your desk should have two main areas or zones. The first zone should be where you work on your computer and the other zone is for work that isn’t computer related.
Each office desk will require an area to store items that don’t have a specific area for storage. This can be a junk drawer where you place all of these items instead of having them strewn around your office randomly.
Zip ties are great to help organize electrical cords so that they don’t get jumbled.
You should also have a bin next to your desk so that you can easily get rid of you trash or unwanted papers.
Document trays that stack are great to use for organizing different documents. You can use one stack for documents that have to be filed, another stack of documents that need to be filled out and signed as well as another stack for your mail.
Use vertical space. If you run out of space in your desk’s drawers, be sure to use the vertical space on your walls by adding hanging shelves, whiteboards etc.

Keyboard Cleaning Guidelines

It is easy for keyboards to get lots of food crumbs, dirt and dust in between their crevices. Even if you have a laptop, the keyboard can still get quite dirty and you should always clean it before shutting it down. We will now look at how you can clean your keyboard.

  • Remove the trapped crumbs and other debris by shaking them out. Be sure to do this over a bin or outside the office.
  • Compressed air can also be used to get rid of trapped debris between the keys. If you don’t have compressed air available, you can use a sticky note where you use the sticky part and run it along cracks so that the debris sticks to it.
  • Dip clean cotton swabs in alcohol and then wipe the keyboard.
  • Spray a clean cloth with disinfectant and then wipe the entire keyboard.

Computer Monitor Cleaning

Next, you’ll also need to clean your computer monitor so that you’ll have a wonderfully clean monitor to work on. If you use a laptop, be sure to shut it down before cleaning both the keyboard and screen.

  • Take off the computer and disconnect the computer’s monitor. Thoroughly wipe the entire monitor using a microfiber cloth that is slightly damp.
  • Utilize a vacuum that has an upholstery attachment to get rid of the dust in between the monitor’s vents.
  • Lastly, get rid of any remnants of dust or debris by using compressed air.

Office Chair Cleaning

Your office chair definitely gets a lot of use every day, so make sure to thoroughly clean it.

  • Locate the upholstery tag on the chair and read the directions on how to clean it.
  • Get a vacuum with the upholstery brush attachment and vacuum the entire chair to get rid of dust.
  • Spray a clean microfiber cloth with cleaning spray and then wipe down the handles, legs and other hard surfaces.
  • Once the fabric parts of the chair are water safe, you can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the chair. In particular, focus on any spots or stains. It is best to only do this on plastic or mesh type office chairs.
  • If the chair isn’t water safe, you should get an empty spay bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Then, add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, spray the chair and this will help to get rid of any stains.
  • If the chair is made from leather, then you can create a mixture of warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap and wipe down the chair. Be careful not to use too much solution. Once you’ve dried the chair, use a leather conditioner on the chair.
  • Use a silicone spray or lithium grease in order to lubricate the wheels and other moving parts.

Professional Services

You will definitely enjoy having a clean office since it will increase productivity as well as reduce distraction. Spend some time seeking out reputable office cleaners in the Toronto area as suggested above but also your entire home.

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Alternative Vs. Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine is the kind of traditional medicine that most people are familiar with – local pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctors.  It is the type of medicine practiced by the average physician.  On the other hand, alternative medicine includes the practice and philosophy that is inclusive of various cultures around the world.

We frequently live in a bubble, when it comes to treatment and medicine, thinking that the only way is to use traditional medicine.  However, thanks to the internet and global communication, an increasing number of individuals are becoming more aware that there are other alternative available besides traditional medicines.  

There are some doctors who are exclusively traditional practitioners, while others only practice alternative medicine, while some practice both of them together.

The major difference between alternative medicine and traditional medicine is the approach that is taken. Whereas problems and symptoms of a specific area are treated by traditional medicine, the focus of alternative medicine is on overall health, prevention and cause, and non-traditional, and frequently natural treatments.

There is a strong emphasis on strengthening the immune system to prevent disease. Treatment plans are customized to meet specific individual needs.    


Alternative Medicine Features

There are various forms of alternative medicine: chiropractic, homeopath, acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, osteopath.

Some individuals are hesitant to try out alternative medicine.  However, that is due to the fact that society has taught us from the very beginning to be suspicious of anything that the FDA has not approved or that differs from the status quo.

We are emerging out of the dark ages very slowly when it comes to adopting alternative methods to remain healthy. 

Alternative medicine is not less reliable or less effective – at times is works when there is nothing else that does – it is just misunderstood, and people who question is are often misinformed or uninformed.  Alternative medicine is broadly used and widely accepted all over the world.  People in the US are just now starting to catch up. 

Cost is one of the major advantages offered by alternative medicine.  Using alternative or natural remedies is less expensive compared to traditional medicine. You need to ask, does medicine need to be expensive in order to be effective?

Becoming More Popular

Healthcare packages are offered by many employers that include alternative medicine options.  The trend of seeking alternative treatments is continuing to grow. Numerous alternative products may be found beside traditional medicines on the shelves.

Conventional Medicine

Traditional medicine uses surgery or drugs to address symptoms.  If you are having problems with your liver, then the focus is on your liver, and not on your whole body. There are so many specialists who focus on just one of the body’s organs.  The heart is the focus of the cardiologist.  The brain is the focus of the neurologist.  The lungs are the focus of a lung specialist.  With all of these focuses being on just one area, you can see how traditional medicine can fall short at times when it comes to addressing a patient’s entire health. 

Traditional medicine is all based on trials, lab experiments, and research.

Although this approach is the one that is widely accepted, it might not always be the best approach for the person. Individuals have their own individual needs that might not be addressed by traditional medicine.

Best of Both Worlds

These days it is becoming increasingly common for both alternative and traditional medicine to be incorporated together by doctors.

Frequently, the patient will not only be helped by the most recent state-of-the-art machines, it is to use alternative medicine with it – methods that other countries and cultures have been using successfully for centuries.

To summarize, if you are wondering about using alternative medicine, do some research first so that you can make an informed decision.

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5 Benefits of Aromatherapy

Learn 5 Advantages That Aromatherapy Can Offer You

Aromatherapy is certainly a commonly used word nowadays, particularly in the industries of body care and cosmetics. What most folks likely don’t realize, though, is that this particular practice has a lot more to offer you than just pleasant fragrances. Aromatherapy has substantial physiological and psychological effects which anyone can enjoy through means like aromatic massage work or using a personal essential oil diffuser. Aromatherapy provides balancing effects for both the body and mind, making it a great complement to everything else already in your daily wellness regimen.

aromatherapy potion mixture in pot

Keep reading to learn 5 crucial advantages for your mind and body that you might like to know about:

1) A Natural Stress Reducer:

Research indicates that many Americans are personally suffering from stress levels that are moderate to even high. Nearly half report that in the last five years, their stress levels have gone up. Stress has frequently seen physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in mood, and sleep changes. While essential oils aren’t able to just make modern-day stresses go away, aromatherapy is known to relieve stress symptoms when regularly used. Essential oils are known to not only improve a person’s mental perception of their stress, but even their physiological responses to such stressors, such as reductions in heart rate.

2) Boosted Mood:

With the increase in stress in daily life, there will naturally be changes in mood like feeling sad, nervous, and irritable. In terms of needing some emotional boost, a fast and effective way to boost your mood is some aromatherapy. Some of the effectiveness of aromatherapy happens in the brain’s emotional region, known as the limbic system. It’s thought that anytime essential oils get to bind to the receptors within the limbic system, then there might be substantial psychological impact from the decrease in stress and negativity.

3) Boosted Energy Levels:

Given how much pressure there is in life in modern times, an increasing segment of the population is suffering from being tired. This can take shape as mental exhaustion, physical fatigue, and even burn out. Instead of getting yet another soda or cup of coffee, aromatherapy might be something simple to get you moving more on days you feel sluggish. Particular essential oils have a proven history of being stimulating, and they can help you out with energizing your mind and body. Recent years have seen more studies conducted in how aromatherapy can energize people in order to minimize fatigue and burnout.

4) Potential For Calming Effects:

Sleep is among the first things that suffers when someone’s stress level goes up. As many as a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep at night, so it’s obvious that they need more than just pills to get rest. Research of aromatherapy suggests that it can be useful in improving sleep quality, although that makes it a great complement to your normal nighttime habits. Lavender, also known as Lavendula Angustifolia, is one of the more common essential oils used for helping to get better sleep. Lavender has a number of chemical constituents to it, a number of which are known to provide sedative effects that might help calm down your nervous system. Some essential oil combinations can also result in tremendous synergies that might boost what benefits you get from various oils.

5) Better Mental Focus:

Given the myriad distractions of daily life, it’s amazing that we can get anything done and finished all the way through. Research has recently shown that impulses to go multi-tasking makes the ability to concentrate on finishing one task at one time harder, so we’re less productive. When most folks lean towards stimulants, be they pharmaceutical or otherwise, in order to help their concentration, aromatherapy can offer a safer and more natural alternative. When used properly, aromatherapy is a lot less likely to create undesired side effects.

So, if you feel sluggish, stressed, wired, or tired, then aromatherapy might be yet another aspect of your daily wellness regimen.